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Sting-R Team 5098

     Our team would describe FIRST as a means of showing off one’s talent in ways never thought imaginable. You can let your creative side grab hold of an idea and run wild with it. You don’t have to like building. You can enjoy art for promotional, strategy for scouting, drive for, well, drive, and so much more. FIRST allows you to enjoy a new kind of sport and lets you be a part of it. 

     Team 5098 - North Kansas City High School’s STING-R - was established in the fall of 2013. We were small, unknowing of what lay ahead to run an exceptional robotics team, or even a great one. Since then, FIRST’s many valuable lessons have shaped our team into what it is today. We’ve not only had members grow and mature, but we have also learned to value cooperation and service from one another. Rallying behind our mascot, the cybernetic hornet, we’ve grown from five students and two mentors to nearly forty members and eleven mentors to which we are incredibly grateful.

     As stated before, many of our team members have matured through the FIRST program into capable young adults, developing skills in leadership, cooperation, and time-management. We’ve seen some members go from quiet, reserved individuals to leaders who are knowledgeable in their ˜sub-group” and many times, outside of their sub-group. For our team, a sub-group is one of the many groups that our team has to offer. These groups include, but are not limited to, Programming, Promotional, and Build - members aren’t restricted to any individual discipline, either! Each member can be in any group that suits their needs to help each aspect required for our robot and our community. For example, many of our promotional members are prominent members of the build team, and most members are a part of scouting. Every member is involved with more than one group. The experiences we have as a team are rewarding to not only the team, but also the individuals participating. Also, we are so thrilled to say that many of our members come back to be mentors. 




Head Coach- Louis Breinin

Head Coach- Louis Breinin

Head Coach- Louis Breinin


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Head Coach- Louis Breinin

Head Coach- Louis Breinin

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